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    Final copy of our project overview:


    Chuol Wal Chak

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    Final copy of our project overview:

    Post  Chuol Wal Chak on Wed Mar 04, 2009 5:51 pm

    This community organization shall be known as the Lou Nuer Canadian Development Service (LNCDS) and will initially serve the three counties of Nyirol, Akobo and Uror. Its intellectual goals will be to radically improve the social, educational and security of the people within the community by calling on its educators to work together in fulfilling this goal. LNCDS will promote unity in the communities. Young people are challenging the currently unaccepted ideals of community separation that does little to humanize and accept some areas' differences over the others. In order to fulfill this major goal LNCDS will develop a project that will act as a vehicle for its long term goals.

    LNCDS will call on its member’s throughout the world to promote a partnership whose ideals focus on a respect for human rights, values, and rational approaches toward problem solving. These would involve providing assistance to individuals who may encounter difficulties meeting their goals due to physical, mental, social or financial problems.

    LNCDS welcomes inputs from all its partners and invites meaningful contributions that promote expansion of this community’s ideals and activities with the aim to improve the lives of those innocent people who struggle to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

    The aim is to develop and operate an educational institution that will initially serve the three named counties but whose long term goal is to expand to meet the entire countries needs once the foundation has established a sound footing. The school will be built in the Lou Nuer area of Southern Sudan (NGUNDENG INSTITUTE TRAINING COLLEGE) – this area being identified as one that has its young people failing to attend school or receiving an ineffectual education experience and losing any hope that they may have had for a meaningful future. Therefore, the aim is to produce graduates whose schooling reflects the culmination of experience and knowledge of their teachers. Currently, in many instances, the credentials of the teachers themselves are hindrance – through no fault of their own they cannot effectively teach the young people as they have not received adequate teacher training methods that include effective lesson planning, curriculum development and the associated student activities. In order to improve the current teacher skills a teacher training center will be established that will enhance those skills areas that they lack. A specific and measurable list of outcomes will be developed by LNCDS in order to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of the training centers participants.

    Being an illiterate person in the 21st century is not an option – especially for those who we expect to promote Sudanese’s future. To break the hold of illiteracy and endorse a vision of the future, knowledge, and the value of human life, is one of life’s basic ideals – and so it becomes the goals of the LNCDS to promote this ideology to every student. It will be accomplished not by an individual experience, education, attitude and interest, but by the unification of LNCDS member’s ideals, producing a solid, comprehensive and unified solution to the issues.

    To educate the young people of Sudan to an acceptable level by training their teachers who will then be able to effectively pass on knowledge using an economical and systematic based approach. A second mission outcome is to train experienced nurses to pass on their skills to new nurses in southern Sudan or Sudan in general, thus promoting an increase in health care professionals to serve those in the most need within the local communities. It is expected that these two objectives can be accomplished within the same environment and within a very short time frame.

    There is no doubt in any of our minds that this project needs to be begun as soon as possible – to delay is simply not an option given the emergency of the current situation. The entire proposal is and should be never ending, the constant improvement of educating south Sudan or Sudan’s population should be of paramount importance to all of us. The springboard that will allow us to pursue this advantageous project's goal is funding. LNCDS is anticipating that the community associations can see the importance of our mission and that each individual commits to pay a sum of US/CDN$300 for the future of their country. LNCDS has applied for registration as a non-profit organization within southern Sudan that will be eligible for loans through the GoSS (Government of Southern Sudan) to pursue this mission. In order to be eligible for governmental assistance the counties aforementioned have to be identified to the appropriate agencies.

    • To build an educational institute is our first priority. This will allow teachers, doctors and nurses to receive help that will empower them and promote effective education for our young people.
    • Promoting peace within the organization worldwide
    • Develop programs to promote a principle code of behavior for youth and families within the Lou Nuer community
    • Develop a program that will promote female education and encourage their participation in the local community
    • To promote individuals to voice their opinions without fear of retribution
    • To promote the health and wellness of every child in Lou Nuer areas
    • Build lasting respectful relationships between Lou Nuer and its neighbors
    • To strengthen Lou Nuer people spiritually, economically and mentally
    • Provide help for orphans and widows in Lou Nuer areas.

    The operating budget for a project of this complexity and size will be between CDN$100,000 and CDN$200,000 – this will cover the initial construction phase. We need your help in realizing our mutual goals and appeal to all our friends to make this proposal a reality. We ask everyone to pray to Almighty God to give us the strength of our convictions to see this through, to maintain our optimism knowing that what we aim for is truly an inspiring and meaningful goal.

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    Re: Final copy of our project overview:

    Post  Gluke on Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:14 pm

    Does anyone has additions to this? or should we go with this as chuol is already as mention?


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