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    From Human Right Watchdogs


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    From Human Right Watchdogs

    Post  Gluke on Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:08 am

    13 February - (London) - Human Rights Watch, the international human rights monitoring organization, has produced a report which urges the Government of Southern Sudan to take urgent measures to protect human rights.

    Speaking to Sudan Radio Service, Tom Porteus from the Human Rights Watch says that the Government of Southern Sudan is facing many human rights challenges.

    [Tom Porteus]:"One of the problems is the problem with the nascent justice system in southern Sudan. We have documented a high level of arbitrary arrests in detention, prolonged pretrial detention, and very poor conditions in detention facilities. The other main finding of our report is that there continues to be a tendency of the security forces in military operations to carry out serious abuses directed against civilians, and it’s very rare that these cases are prosecuted.”

    Porteus praised the Government of Southern Sudan for making significant progress in state-building and reconstruction since the signing of the CPA. However, he was critical of the government for not doing enough to protect civilians from violence.

    Porteus said that Human Rights Watch expects GOSS and the Government of National Unity to be more active in their approach to human rights problems in Sudan.


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    Re: From Human Right Watchdogs

    Post  Dnhial on Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:40 pm

    you know Gatluk, Tom Porteus has witnessed the reality of current south sudan government.this present administration of south sudan does not care about lives of south sudanese people. these forks in power care only about keeping their positions and send their kids to schools out of sudan instead of building affordable education for every southerner. they used our natural resources as if they come from United Nation. they treat the country and its people as if they are guest workers.I feel sorry for how our own government and our own children in power treat our people and country like that.Many lives were lost when disarmament was made in Lounuer land and yet people around Lounuers are still keeping thier guns and killed Lounuers while these savage warlords in power are just watching it as a movei in the movie threatre. we have to change this wild situation by finishing our degrees and join them there. we have to united our selves before we go there and also unite with western world government so that we will make a change due to our strong back up ally which is democratic government of western world. I know that it take more than ten years to erase political ideologies within a corruption system like one we have in south sudan, but we are going to do it in a smart way. first, we have to join them and work with them without prouding our selves because of our intellegence we have got in North America and then at a moment we will be in big positions and reason people to follow our positive system that can serve lives in our home land. I have a great hope that we are going to make changes very soon to our peoople and put these warlords who know only killings and corruption to retirement.

    Duol Tot Nhial

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