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    Jonglei article


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    Jonglei article

    Post  Doang Puok on Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:34 pm

    Dear all,

    Please take a look at this article. It may or may not be interesting you. Here it is.

    Jonglei warns enemies of peace
    Wednesday 28 January 2009 02:30.
    By Philip Thon Aleu

    January 27, 2009 (BOR) – Jonglei government dismissed 'rumors' that local communities of Duk and Lou Nuer are at a bridge of sparking intertribal war, urging the heralds to decease or face the law.

    Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk and Deputy Gov. Hussien Mar Nyout, Bor jan 27, 2008 (photo Philip Thon, ST)
    Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk and Deputy Gov. Hussien Mar Nyout made the statement on Tuesday in State capital Bor Town at a rally meant to sensitize citizens on the issues of peace and development.

    It has been widely speculated in recent weeks that Lou Nuer may retaliate on Duk citizens following the ambushing of traders truck heading for Nyirol on January 11 near Poktap (Duk County headquarters) . On Friday January 23, armed men reportedly raided a village in Duk County, killing one man and injured another on separate attack on Saturday.

    Jonglei government denounced both incidents but warns civilians saying "don't take the laws into your hands."

    Deputy Gov. Mar Nyout empathized that criminals carrying out raiding, abduction and looting are not linked to any community interest though Murle, Nuer and Dinka communities have substantial numbers compared to Kacipo and Anyuak.

    "The problem is between Murle, Dinka and Nuer but Anyuak and Kacipo are very peaceful people," he said in Arabic. Mr. Mar calls upon the citizens of Jonglei State to isolate rumor-mongers and work for a common progress in the State. He also argued the five thousand people who turn-up for the rally at Governor's office today to aim at reaching 2011 because "21 years of conflicts were too long and costly compared to the remaining years."

    "Why should Dinka and Nuer fight?" Deputy Gov. Mar asked, adding that there are some people with hidden agenda who want to be praised for any crisis in Southern Sudan.

    Governor Kuol Manyang highlighted progress made in drilling water points, construction of electricity which he said will be complete in April, high enrollment in schools, roads construction with Ayod – Wad – Akobo road to be officially started on January 30th, 2009. Bor – Pibor road construction is due to commence in a month thereafter.

    "We are moving ahead smoothly but remember that nothing can be done in one day," Gov. Kuol said referring to works he pledged to be done in the State. He said peace is achievable and State Government has asked Duk and Lou Nuer leaders to organize peace conference kicking-off on January 30th. He also dismissed allegation that Lou Nuer and Duk were at war asking those people behind this negative campaign to decease from the practice or face the law.

    In a related development, Jonglei leaders once more distanced themselves from police arrest of girls and boys two weeks ago. Deputy Gov. Mar said such arrest should be made procedural if at all necessary but not in the approach witnessed that Sunday. He said Jonglei Police Commissioner Riak Akon has been directed to investigate the incident. Mr. Mar also gave police a green light against it behaviors on reporters claiming that South Sudan's party don't allow torturing.

    "Stopping reporters from taking information is a behavior of National Congress Party," he said accusing those institutions rejecting press of failing to execute the policy of Southern

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