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    Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Gathoth Gach

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    Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Gathoth Gach on Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:58 am

    Hey, Gaatborchar, happy new year to all of you.One again i think we had a set news about four days ago, what we gonna do about this? to me as a community, we have to do something late as think as humen and do anything that we can. Look, S .S . Sudan, has been in peace for four years now and we still dieing what kind of peace is this?If your son of this greate community, think about this four offecers. Where ever your, Canada , U.S.A AUSTR, AFRICA,anywhere in this globe sitdown and discused.Here my segustion about this kind of crisis, we need to wrote a later to the Goverment of south sudan, and ask them if we are apart of south or no. Again we have to push our officials back home to interfear on this case too.So ithink that we are a one eye of south, don't be fear guys we have to be strong to talk about this case and we also have right to say anything at this time because our people been disarming about four years ago and our neibor murle, still having their guns, and also how do we beleive that Bor, been disarm ithink that we don't have any idea about that now they came to kill our people and kinaping our kids and then we say that this are the murle, no don't even think like that this are the dinka bor, who are killing our mom brothers and sisters. And you also know that they teaching their childrens like this, they keep asking them who kill your mom and your father,they answer to them, Nuer are the people who killing your mom and dad. Do you forget this?.Go to your bed to night and think about this.Message to all Lou Nuer chairs call you mass and talk about this.
    Thanks to you all Gaat looka
    God bless you all
    Peter Hoth Gach Wang

    Lou Nuer chair man of Ontario canada here my phone 519 807.0928

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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Yien on Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:26 pm

    Hi Hoth,
    Hoth you are absolutely right about that.we need to think deeply about this problem.Dinka bor are teaching their kids about nuer,especial lou.secondly,the killing of lounuer police was premeditiated murder.that is the only thing I could say.


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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Reat on Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:55 am

    Hi all,
    It has been a while without visiting our web.so,when I open the web page,I mean the discussion board.I got shocking news that had happened to our community in southsudan.I feel very sad indeed with that tragic incident.so,back to the Hoth gach topic.I think and hope, we should do something about that as it has been mentioned by someone earlier.We can not sit Idly in my mind.We must do something formal inorder for the rest to know our position about this barbaric act.It is sincere for us all to publicize our position to the government of the southsudan and Jonglei government as well.

    thanks you all


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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Donge on Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:53 pm

    [Dear Peter and Mr Hoth.
    Let we think of our problem what can we do about that situation
    And thank you all
    Donge Diw Muang[/b]

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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Dnhial on Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:03 pm

    Hi, Mr. Hoth Gai. I thanked you for your that motivative message. We all think that what you have been said about that incident occured in Lou Land have to be put in action. As a lounuer leader in Ontario, you can cordinated this task through talking to elderly people and lounuer chairs in Western Canada to draft a message that can be sent to Government of South Sudan and even the government of Jonglei ruling by Kuol Manyang Juk who is failing to secure the life of non Dinka tribe in the Region.

    Duol Tot Nhial

    You cannot fight crocodiles while you are crossing the river
    Chuol Wal Chak

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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Chuol Wal Chak on Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:35 am

    Webmaster wrote:"This message is going to be responded by children of Borchar who have the best visionaries of what can make Lou Nuer area safer and more developed than it is right now. I have a minimal survey for you. The survey is like this:

    What do you assume can be done by us we the Lou Nuer children live in western world as the greatest movement toward the brightest future of our fellow citizens?

    The incident that lost our brothers and sisters lives in Jonglei State appeared to come to being because people are crazy in terms of accumulating properties as their prosperities and leave behind the idea of earning the good conducts of the factual citizens. Your question is below:

    If you were to be a decision maker who following human rights’ expectations, what would you suggest the government of Jonglei State and local counties government could do before the issue get forwarded to the GoSS to minimize this State’s pitiless habit?

    Answering these two questions will help us to deal with the incident and put our thoughts together as the most essential solution for both safety and development stabilities.

    Take your times to check up your few days away from home experiences help our great nation wholly."

    I did post the above text separate before, but I shouldn't have done that because it looks like those two questions have been asked already. no need to post separate article which is parallel to the other that is why I delete it

    Consider the following writing please:

    Government of Jonglei State is unwilling to investigate the incident. It seems as what was done by attackers doesn’t bother any body at all. However, we the brothers and sisters of the victims have to make sure our voices get heard by writing a message as it has been stated by Hoth Gai, and some of you whose names are not mentioned. Since we are not living in the same province or country such as our brothers and sisters from U.S.A, Australia, and other countries where every single child of Lou resides, there is no better place to meet and put our thoughts together rather than using our discussion board. We should not hesitate to say what we want to say. Here is what we need to do before the article get posted to southsudan.net or wherever is a right place to have our concern publicized. Tell us what you should say on the letter if you are asked to do so in point form. We do this little survey to avoid misunderstanding when you see the message publicized. Second, we are going to have our names listed as children of borchar afterward. It is good for everyone to be aware of that. Should you have any objection about the letter, feel free to express yourself to us. If you agree on the idea, add your comment; and then Lou Nuer executive committee will write the article based on your comments and what the executive commuttee believe to be included. Even if you have never thought about writing or posting an article here my friends, try to give us your thoughts. This is our problem wholly not individual. By the way, outsiders don’t have access to this board just to let you know. The board is restricted to the members only.

    For you Lou Nuer executive committee in U.S.A and Australia, give us your phone number though the following email address: lounuerdevelopment@live.ca We will give you call as soon as we receive email from you. If there is any one who has access to website monitored by Lou Nuer in U.S.A, please forward this piece of writing over there.


    Chuol Wal Chak
    Gen. Secretary of Lou Nuer Community of Ontario,Canada

    Murle must face hostile lesson

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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  mana on Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:04 pm

    Hi everybody!!!!!!!!!!
    Definitively it's a must for us to write a letter to the Government of Jonglei regarding to this issue,I assume that the government is concern about the incident and those crook,wicked criminals who killed our people work for the government,how can such a disastrous thing like that occurred and the authority is aware and nobody wants to involved? who is behind this killind?,The life of our people is not in vain,is worthwhile to seek for justice,we won't stop weeping for the justice 'till essentialy somebody hear our voice .Is better to request the justice immediately before we take any other move that can drive us in to the inconvenient situation that all citizens of Jonglei will regret later on in a future.



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    Re:Regreeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Khorpatay on Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:26 am

    Hello Gaat-Borchar,

    The Murdering will Never End in Joingle State.

    The Tragedy that took place backhome to our brothers and sister
    but not only that even including the Children. It seem to Goss/ State Government as an Huge achievenmet by Murdering your own Wildlife soldiers whom were train to perform their duties.Our State
    Gov.Kuol M appear on the State road contructions project on the Net and leaving behind the Killing
    of its partners without taking any Action in term of Ivestigations nor to Conderm that kind
    of Humane SLaughtering on his State has an State Gov. Chaime On You. Now has Boarchar we should
    blamed our politicians in form of general because you are there to lead them,protect them and
    make your post shine for Tomorrow credence as an politician.Some of you think that the are playing
    big role whithin us and call themselves the Cornerstone of Lounuer Politician,While
    doing Nothing for his/her Own People.My friends you better work hard In order for you
    to hold the position if you are Louner and We All Knows about your diferencies as politicians,
    But you can let your people suffer as a leader. Remember this" Whatever you do its Go back to
    you "."The Aime of Any Politician is seek of Succeess".What About you?.



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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Gluke on Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:01 pm

    As has been said by many of you, "when a man has done his best, has given his all, and in process supplied the needs of his family and his society, that man has done his suceeding" by Mack R Douglas. This quote is a very powerful quote, in term of dealing with family, community needs and everyday life. We must stand behind our people, by providing them with whatever it take or they need to make their life better, even if the Government of South Sudan and state government failed to do so, But we need actions as many of you state. We needs not just write and send a letter to both governments, but actions by contacting who-ever can connect us with both governments. Where we will be able to express our concerns and tell them exactly what needs to be done and or what supposely have been done by the time when incident occured.

    Let us not just talk about it, let actions take place.

    Gluke Chuol

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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Gluke on Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:18 pm

    This piece of article is an actions that Lou Nuer men already take place.

    26 January - (Nairobi) - An armed gang from Wuror county attacked and killed a security guard and wounded five other people in a night raid in Duk county, Jonglei State last week.

    According to the administrator of Duk, Payuel payam, Mayen Ngor Atem, the gang of about 87 young men attempted to raid cattle in Duk Padiet county but found the civilians on high alert due to the tension that arose between Wuror and Duk Padiet Counties early this month.

    The armed gangs proceeded to Duk Payuel payam where they killed one night guard at Mayen’s office and wounded three others in a shootout.

    From there, they went to Pajut payam where they wounded two more civilians and managed to escape with 3 cows.

    The administrators of Duk Padiet county and Duk Payuel payam met with the Wuror County Commissioner to discuss ways of improving security in the region. They also discussed compensation for the dead mens' families in order to avoid revenge killings in the three regions of Jonglei State.

    Earlier this month, a GOSS car carrying salaries for teachers to Nyirol County was allegedly attacked by the Duk. Five people were killed.

    Gathoth Gach

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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

    Post  Gathoth Gach on Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:11 pm

    Hi all gaatborchar, how are you guys doing ? i think every one of you doing well.I thanks all of you for your response this topic that i been post last week, i know it not easy for us to talk about this situation.Looked Obama, he said change is coming,at this time we gona take action as soon as posible just late us keep communicate for this reason and then God will help us for our right.I also thanks Marna Ding,how are you sister?, long time no see i hope you doing fine there too.
    Thanks you so much allGod bless our land.
    Peter Hoth Gai Wang.

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    Re: Re greeting to all sons of Borchar

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