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    Please, read this message carefully:


    Chuol Wal Chak

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    Please, read this message carefully:

    Post  Chuol Wal Chak on Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:04 pm

    Here is what you said below:

    "Kueth your right, but we don't want you here, leave it for us. if you want please go back to US and leave us alone in Canada. We know our issue .

    Gatluke, why you let chuol drive you like that? your a man what is your decition? why you dictate people, you leave lou community webside in the States to dictate us? Common man. you dictate marial, you dictate me, what is your point? What about the development, you forgot already? Please stop playing and tell us if this is lou webist or yours alone we can leave you alone.


    You are not from Canada; you live in U.S brother. Telling us that you live in Canada while you are not communicates to us that you are here for corruption.
    Therefore, your account will be banned as soon as you post another article without your real name. I don't want you to complain that you are not informed.

    I'm looking forward to replacing your fake name with the real one.

    For anyone else who uses the fake names:

    To be human beings, we have to obey the rules. If not, we shouldn't have known the difference between good and bad things. I believe everyone understands what I mean. Let me have your real name, please. Otherwise, no notice one more time like what I did to Moseschuol because I will assume that you are agitating what has been said.

    To Mr Kueth:
    Your account is not banned yet. I have no idea about what you meant by saying," I thought this is the joke". My friend we are not little kids. I think we all know what we are doing. You are one of Lou Nuer intellectuals; I cannot deny that. However, when it comes to legitimate issue that we can share together as intellectuals of this great community, you have been treating the members based on interests. Do you think those who communicate with you through the phones are the best people of Lou Nuer in Canada? I hope you know the community rules; those who association with you are destructors of your community here in Canada if you are the man of the community as I know. You shouldn't have given them all you have in life, but keep them as a way of educating them. What do you know about them that can make them good people in Lou Nuer community in U.S while they don't even attend any meeting here in Canada? My friend, don’t trust people you don't know in that way. They will cause our community to fall apart which we don't want.

    If somebody is a threat to a community where he/she lives, others have to be careful about him/her.

    Above all, we will remain the same family. Whether some of us use words Gon and Mor, it is not what will divide us. As long as we keep focusing on our significant issues, we will be one around the world.
    Kueth, you banned my account for whatever reason I'm not aware of. You shouldn't have done that if you judged your people equally. I’m not menace to the community and I will not be. You should not have banned me as somebody who destroyed the community. Think about that one more time and tell me what you get out of it.

    Your being here on this newly founded website is not hazard to us unless you show us some signals that make you to be. Use your account as long as you remain calm as ordinary person.

    For new members:
    You are not new in Lou Nuer sight. You maybe new member on our forum, but you are not new to us. Welcome home. Working together with you will make a big difference. We are going to start our project talk as soon as our website construction finished. I hope all of us have framework layout on that. Thanks you very much for your hard working for the sake of our community.

    God bless you all

    Chuol Wal Chak

    Murle must face hostile lesson


    Re: Please, read this message carefully:

    Post  Guest on Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:48 pm

    Chuol listen threating is not working, you want to ban me go a head. remember i told you that your hand will numb for banning me. i am not going to leave you until you tell us what is this website for. go a head and ban me, you will see me here again, and a gain again again again again again again again again again.


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