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    To: All Lou Nuer Communities Diaspora


    Machok Deng Khor

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    To: All Lou Nuer Communities Diaspora

    Post  Machok Deng Khor on Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:23 am

    To: All Lou Nuer Communities Diaspora
    We are here to inform you that, we have celebration on August 6/2010 here in Addis Ababa Ethiopia this celebration if about our representatives in the government of southern Sudan recently elections. As we know that we got high positions, like H.E. John Luk Joak, Marial Benjamin, Chuol Rambang and all regional ministers, MPs and the newly appointed commissionaires second, we including graduation ceremonies of Lou Nuer students the newly graduates names and department are listed below
    1. Nasin Tot Wechtour ------------------------------ Agriculture
    2. Yiey Ruadel Rambang ---------------------------- BA Purchasing
    3. Yien Guin Deng ------------------------------------ BA Political Science
    4. Tut Lam Khien ------------------------------------- BA Community development
    5. Gatwak Tut Machan ------------------------------ BA Geography
    6. Lam Ruach Guok ---------------------------------- BA Agriculture
    7. Daved Nyang Gach ------------------------------- BA Economics
    8. Tut Jock Buob ------------------------------------- BA Mechanical Engineering
    9. Chan Wechtoun ---------------------------------- Information technology diploma
    10. Duop Panon Ghol -------------------------------- Information technology diploma
    11. Deng Duoth Deng ------------------------------- Information technology diploma
    12. Ruach Kai Muon --------------------------------- Purchasing diploma
    13. Dak Guin Deng ----------------------------------- Purchasing diploma
    14. Ruach Kai Muon --------------------------------- Teaching diploma
    15. Gathuak Khor Nygan --------------------------- Nafural resources diploma
    16. Wiyual goonyan -------------------------------- Nursing diploma
    17. Wiw Majok Ghol ------------------------------- Plant Science diploma
    18. Wiyual Wal Ghol ------------------------------- Plant Science diploma
    19. John Nyak Bol ---------------------------------- Plant science diploma
    20. Koryom Wang chiok ------------------------- Community development diploma



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