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    Post  Machok Deng Khor on Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:21 am

    Peace and joy! Here is what I want you to diggest. We are in a disaster, we need to discuss every things about situation. I hope every can have his own knowledge about that but we need to discuss some effect or disadvantage. Now, In Southern Sudan dissarment is goingon with in the whole parts of the South.
    My questions are here.
    Do we think that it will be possible?
    Is it a special dissarment that will go peacefully without any violant?
    What about the Murle he will not refuse to submite his guns peacefully?
    Is there a diplomcy that protect and secure the borders?
    To answer those question we to identify first the strengh and weakness of our government. It is very difficult to support such a idea becuase, in 2006 one year back after the CPA was signed as a root power of the government of Southern Sudan. The first hand for the government of Southern Sudan to dissarmed was the Borchar which is political discrimination and tribal conflict issues. Now, we don't to support such a dissarrment project becuase all the situation will be faced by Lou.


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