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    To all Lou Community’s members!


    Chuol Wal Chak

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    To all Lou Community’s members!

    Post  Chuol Wal Chak on Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:03 pm

    As you all know, some folks have thrown an unapproved accusation against my name that I used someone else’s name to abuse people with. Let me be apparent to you my fellow citizens. I was born as a true son of Borchar and remains as son of Borchar forever. Secondly, I’m a man of my words who doesn’t scare with what so ever in which I could hide my identity. There is no reasonable point I could insult one particular portion of Borchar. All I do is preaching our name to be the tool that will drive us to the next generations with love and unbreakable unity. Every one of you has seen me protecting Lou Nuer Community not to be partitioned by low-minded individuals days and nights. I believe you have come across my articles that I did post before my participation account got deleted on forum which we assume to be Lou Nuer’s forum while the interest behind it is not investigated.

    Some people whimper out loud when I debate them because I put in the picture an authenticity rather than lying to people. I haven’t known until the day of my suspension on board that lying is what we should depend on. Even if I had known that, I would never dislike who I’m and side up with those who discourse wrong ideology publicly; though many of our people engage in recreating their politics by messing up other people’s names, I will not endorse that deeds to be my own.

    To be brief and short, my name has been suspended on board. Regardless of the fact that it is good thing which will free me from untidiness, I have to assure you, very frankly, that I’m not Gatwech Dol nor did I forward any message on board. Here is what I did, as one amongst moderators’ team in that time, I did approve the name Gatwech Dol when I saw it as a pending new member. That is all I did. I have no clue who Gatwech was nor did I predict what the outcome will be after his name got approved. If Khor step on board to figure point on me as bad onion amongst many onions, he has to clarify his accusation against me in another approach. Why do I have to use somebody else name? What is wrong with my name? Does anyone think using other people identities could be the solution that will give me a freedom? It has been said by many that murle says if a man is seen by his enemy, it is not the death time for him. Saying what I want to disclose cannot take me back to my mother womb. Not only that, but also I cannot enjoy my life by disguising myself or making myself anonymous in my own community. Brothers/sisters, I always have negative tolerance when it comes to a situation like this. If Tut Chagor (newly figured name) and his family unit diagnose that the language they have used is not acceptable, why don’t they launch an apology instead of accusing other people?

    Let inform you brothers and sisters, Tut Chagor ( newly figured name) and his kinds will not change because their blood is full of proud and hatred. Since we have left other kinds of communication’s means and joint their invented, the best power of mind is theirs. If closely look is not taken, we will get ourselves in their special guests’ list.
    If any of our counties’ members get authorized to monitor our communication tool, it doesn’t mean people have to depend on his/her will. There should be a legitimate system set up when and why members should be banned out or when and why the moderators have to be re-elected. One on one phone call doesn’t give anyone full authority to be a moderator. If you, the reader, are given this position in away described, be ready to ask your name whenever it disappear from special guests list of this kind because that is where you have been nominated and will be taken away from the post without information.

    As an example, if I’m appointed to do certain task today, it doesn’t mean family of Wal should figure point on its foes and ask me to dismiss them from my administration. If it happens to be in that manner, chance should have been given to a family rather than individuality; then, family could decide how it can deal with its administration. Since we clinch the maturity’s stage, we have to act mindfully on every move in our daily basis. I positively have a prove on this because if it wasn’t because of what I described above, nomination of moderators’ message should have been seen on board which we assume as Lou Nuer’s forum. Yet, we have been surprised with new team. The question is how did this happen?
    Furthermore, many people with in Lou have no access to the forum because their participation’s accounts have been banned. Do any of you know who suspended those accounts without notice to the members on board and why?

    I have nothing to say much just to point out this particular point in case you don’t know. What caused my name to be suspended is not because I have done something wrong, but it is what suspended the names of other Lou Nuer individuals as I mentioned above. Take your own analysis on this matter. Otherwise, remain in peace on board which will surprise you when your account disappears in a few days to come.

    Chuol Wal Chak

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