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    Major Gen: Gatluak Deng is removed from his governorship.



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    Major Gen: Gatluak Deng is removed from his governorship.

    Post  Yien on Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:54 pm

    Its very bad news and I was really surprised with what was happened in Upper Nile. The removable of Major Gen: Gatluak Deng from governorship of Upper Nile is something indicated that South Sudan will not be developed. Since he came to the power after his appointment, the State of Upper Nile was completely changed.

    The people of Upper Nile were so happy with Major Gen: Galuaks job in Upper Nile. And why the both leaders from South and North Sudan have not distinguished the hard worker who fights for development of South Sudan and the money lover who use to return money to where they came from because of his position?

    Major Gen: Gatluak Deng Garang brought change in Malakal within one month after his appointment, he build many hotels for guest of the government official, he installed electricity anywhere in the city, he rebuild the stadiums for the first time in the history of the South the CPA first celebrate was celebrated in the brand new Stadium at Malakal , he renovated all shopping stores , he build all roads in the city, he stopped corrupting of Upper Nile State which has been existed for many years, he went to Ethiopia couple months ago to signed a agreement between government of Upper Nile and Ethiopia government to agree on Building Highway from Ethiopia an across Upper Nile State, it should be started on the beginning of dry season by China Company, and he signed contract with Germany Company to build the city of Malakal.

    My question on this point, What do we need if we dont give time to person like Major Gen: Gatluak Deng who exactly spends money for development of South Sudan.

    Do we need person who use the money of the State for his/her own purpose, instead building of the country? If that the way we should go through to develop our country, it will take us a 100 centuries to reach level of other developing countries in Africa.


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