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    Can you read this article when you have a time please?



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    Can you read this article when you have a time please?

    Post  Yien on Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:23 pm

    Dear Mr Khor

    You have got it right brother!!!! Development is a catch-all idea. The very people who are oposing it now are the ones for it, but jealousy from who started the kickoff is their pain in the neck. Essentially, huge money has been raised through counties, and you can still see the ones that are against it sitting and waiting for a ready bread. Why don't they make a move that could attract the undecided? Can they show you what or how much did they raised? Thanks

    Let them wait for the time of their "masayah" wrong spelling.


    On behalf of this forum’s participants, I want to express to you why they are here. They decided to sign up from the very first day because they thought people should debate one topic and get out of it with some unique solutions, yet few to night compartmentalize things realistically. Misunderstanding becomes a severe virus in day to day basis. Today we talk about the counties which are not operated systematically by whoever claims to be the county’s owner; tomorrow we will come up with debris that must not include the interest of all. Absolutely, we should question ourselves whether there are theorists who do the right things in our community, or the destroyers who just claim unrecognized status of being well-thinkers present. Folks, let relinquish all these superstition sounding words out of this forum. We really need to change the procedures of all these. If we cannot change the way we formulate our words, time ahead of us will be the real worst tragedy.

    Lou Nuer’s ambition is to overcome the wrong people who keen to initiate attack against its children which we are obviously aware of. Devoting your time in goodwill to kith and kin or those who dwell with you in the same area will not do any good to you. I believe nothing wrong if we eat together. Let be clear, my friend, we can operate anything individually as long as we keep ourselves away from hijacking shared properties inappropriately. There will be a time in which those who diminish our relationship as a Lou will be caught. This will show the real expiration of their times. Accept this, you let go what you take without consent of the owners including you. In fact, you are not going to tell me that you have never taken anything that belongs to Lou community or individual within Lou.

    Folks, thief does not accept his/her action because if he/she comes to accept it he/she can be caught within no time. Not only that, but also there may be no places for he/she to pilfer things he/she craves. Note: the point is any time one of the crooks cries out loud to explain unwanted explanation as to hide the clutter, he/she is not a logician, but a negative claimant. Of course, wrong done should be evaluated and instigators must be criticized. Brothers, any thing shared should be respected by all. Lou Nuer will not be own by a single figure nor will particular group own any area within Lou. We have to remind ourselves that we had learnt how to climb all the trees present in our Lou areas before we left it. I don’t think either of us can fall down if he/she tries to climb up one of the trees. For that reason, we should be careful on our progress because there will be no place for anyone to bury him/herself since we know all the angles.

    We know how to take our food in, but that has nothing to do with public. If you consume your groceries wrongly, you are the one who will feel guilty by the time you are going to choke. In fact, when one learns dreadful stuff to be the best aspiration, result replicate back as a nightmarish. It has been said, “What goes around comes around.” Anyone has to be conscious of that. It is a matter of moment in time; stuff will be strengthened without your knowledge if you choose to destroy an asset for all.

    To conclude this, I know we will be all right; there is nothing to worry about. In a real life, we do not have so called behind schedule unless somebody deceased. Here is what we have to communicate. If it is really admirable idea to activate whatever small, untrusted organizations, let’s do so; nevertheless, destructors who seem to be the real founders of the confusion will destroy whatever organization formulated by two or four people. For God sake, blaming should have been directed to the dead body over hundred years back in a day. He should have been jailed if all these were predictable. In anyway, gone case is a gone case. Let’s stop preaching false and come to the right preaching. Do not hesitate to respond my article if it seems to point out what you have in heart because you may be the one who needs adjustment. If not, don’t bother to respond, unless you want to make some commentary which is acceptable.

    Be in peace so do I

    Chuol Wal Chak

    Yes, John Jock and the rest.

    I know our moving a head is the fundamental objective. We have tasted how sweet is hardworkings. Since there were no inherited capitals from our ancestors, it's of particular importance for us to capitalize from our knowledge, from our physical labour, and from our own pockets money which are the only headways.

    Let's not allow any setbacks from voices of laziness. Remember what the former Vice President of Kenya, George Citoti said, and I quote. "A confident bull cannot be stopped drinking from the pool by how noisiest are the frogs. The frogs may get louder and louder until some may explode, but some will just disapear in the deep waters as the bull reaches the shore"


    One for all, all for one, you failed. For your information, life is what you make out of it not what you pilfer. I see a lot of people talking about money being raised; there are some people who have big money within Lou. Nevertheless, they do not run on street telling people how much they have earned because it is personal asset. It does not make you a supper guy when you invest money for your own prosperity. We are doing the same thing; that is why we go to schools and running around like a chicken its head cut off looking for work. In terms of community, community fund is belonging to the community. Let me assure you, community does not laugh out loud ever time a file of papers is being collected without use, but with the real application being accomplished. It is surprising to see certain individual starting a debate by explaining how much they have earned. I have no idea whether they do this because they run out of the topics or it is a lack of viewing the globe in a big picture. To be honest to you, we are not interested in hearing you blocking this public forum with the articles explaining what you have stored. You can design a money report forum which will give you a room to compete with money with whoever interested in such a topic. By the way, money is valueless when the purpose of raising it is to go to the competition with it. This paragraph asks you to layout what you will do with your money. If you fail to layout the proposal, we are tired of hearing some papers being accumulated without doing any good to the community with it.

    In terms of development, even if one of our county is developed to the ultimate, viewers will admire Lou Nuer people for such a wonderful achievement not just a particular county. For that reason, you should not have disliked your own responsibility. Yes, we cannot discourage people who struggle to earn what they desire in their pouches. However, they do not have to violate the rules of partnership. If the organizations are for that particular groups, they have to name them provided that the names identify those groups. If it comes to include everyone while performances are not shared, it must be questioned no matter how far you are going to defend it.

    Here is what partnership means if you have never come across the definition. It is two or more persons with the some kind of agreement between them. All partners need to be commonly, or collectively, involved in the management of the business. If certain group takes it to be their own and leave the rest behind, that particular organization must be terminated. Let be clear; you can have your organization running as long as you have create your own name that does not confuse people whenever they want to know who the organization is belonging. This is the fact, my friend.

    Ever time destructors who bring to being the mystification in the first place operates a partial unity in absent of the members it compose of, that unity is not one of their objectives; however, it is simply to coat the unceasing anarchy which have wounded the whole community badly.

    Be in peace so do I

    Chuol Wal Chak

    I've got the point. That's the difference between you and me, and I have an idea now why some individuals have failed when they tried to make a family shared account. Your point is telling me that it is hard for you to understand what the world is capitalizing on in the twenty-first century.

    If you cannot work hard on raising fund for development, what is the meaning of your so-called united community? is it going to be a sedentary one? I am encouraging you to make a move and do something as a united community. Sitting too much will tell us that you just want every one to sit and do nothing, and for sure no one can join a sit-still community that do nothing.

    Let me assure you, I cannot make partnership with sedentary individuals or any of their likes. Action is louder than words as it was in the case of Akobo Community who supplied the survivors of Murlee's mass killing with fishing materials and mosquito nets that the community bought from the fund they have raised while your typical sedentary community was there and provided nothing. Yes the supplies were said to be contributed by LouNuer Community in Canada, but the reality was that it was the LouNuer Community of Akobo that did supplied them. Is that what you meant by saying if one county developed viewers will admire LouNuer people? Ok, it is fine. Keep waiting for some individuals' actions then get the admiration inclusion, but do not sabotage these active, prominent people from doing their tasks.

    The other point is that, all these community organizations are opened to every person from Lou to participate and contribute like any other members because they are Lou's organizations. If your problem is holding you bact from participating, why being too loud?

    Since you are waiting for credits that are supposed to be awarded to other LouNuer who really did the action, let these individuals name these organizations any name they want to name them. You do not need to tell them what to do because they are pretty super in what they do.

    My point is, having a knowledge to do something is making a good use of any opportunity or utilizing that knowledge, and there, success will come. Put in mind that success breeds success, and if you failed from utilizing that family's shared account, you cannot succeed in utilizing community's funds. I am down with the DIVISION of LABOUR and I will advocate for it in any corner.

    Wany Juet Jock

    I am happy; my point got in your good judgment even though you failed to elaborate it which could help some of our folks to leave their misleading terms “our organizations.” The problem is because people get deceived by these unshared organizations. I do not think it annoys me to see a fake-formulated family union since they will disappear down the roads; there is no point in which I could leave my valuable stuff behind and deal with jumble talks. That is not my and Lou Nuer heading destination. You choose people to question where and when the real applications of these forged organizations are going to be effective in Lou Areas. The concern is not for whom you are debating with on this forum alone, but for all Lou Nuer children. If the messes are not cleaned by the instigators, we will air up some words till exclusive names are disclosed. The name Lou or any other areas in Lou must not be used for personal interests. Failure to name those unrecognized organizations by the names of the groups who are interested in such a division, the worst question will be pain in the neck that you have to deal with.

    Let help you to explain how contribution had been done regarding Akobo incident because it seems that you did not contribute. Contribution had been done by all Lou. I was a one among those who elected to collect the contribution. If you wish to see a full contribution report or list that I had collected from Lou Nuer people who reside where I had been assigned to take care of, you can visit www.lounuer.net . That way backing up those who did not do this contribution alone will go back to you as your assignment for tonight.

    Back to what so called organizations, since they are not to the level of structured organizations, nobody care about them being operated with the condition though; they must not use the names shared with other people who are not in favour of their performances. To make them the real organizations, Lou Nuer or any groups who own those organizations have to sit down and come up with some guidelines. How are you going to tell me that they are recognized organizations while even the platform is just the one that Lou Nuer people waste their times and energies to come up with.

    A well formed organization should have at least some proposals on the table. Can you see that? What so called sedentary community as mentioned on the post flowing around on the forum will not be encouraged or directed to do what is not possible for Lou Nuer community.

    By the way, I almost forgot one more important point. All the lists of contributions that have been done from the very first time we have started to do so up to now still do not have some names of the people who supposed to work for their people in need. Am I right on that or no? If the answer is no, prove it. if the answer is yes, then who do you call sedentary community? After you find the list of contributors on list I directed you to above, ask yourself that why I called this active community a sedentary community. My friend, it is not very good to distract people from right direction for what will cause a lot of destructions in days and months to come. Let put our words together and come up with good solutions. Otherwise, we are teaching our children to grow up with division habits in them.

    As you can see ladies and gentlemen, things are being escalated back to the level of year one of human civilization. Is this happening because we do not want to gain knowledge from those who are very enlighten or what is a matter? My engineering design class professor said, "Stupid of the world is a person that does not want to listen and identify his/her mistakes". I believe he got it all.

    Be in peace so do I

    Chuol Wal Chak

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