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    Dear Lou Nuer gentlemen!!!!



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    Dear Lou Nuer gentlemen!!!!

    Post  Gluke on Sat Aug 08, 2009 2:11 pm

    The mourn and the sorrow, the souls of our people, the heartbreaking of all and at the same time we are still strong. Let us not gives up who we are and let us not forget that our leaders from GOSS have been Take-Over-By-Power-Struggles-And-Money-Lovers.

    Brothers I have been reading all your empathies, condolences, heartbreaking, crying and your panicking for what to do. I was not in mood to say anything because I didn’t know what to say. The deaths of our brothers and sisters are beyond discussions and debates. We do not need all these anymore, what we need is Actions.

    We (Lou Nuer) have been sold by ours (The so called Loyalty to SPLM), the generation Dr. John Garang and Dr. Riek Machar have set us on fire. Where the only left for us now is condolence after condolence, our brothers and sisters from GOSS are busy for power struggles while Lou Nuer community is being horrified by wars. Instead, they chose to wait their salaries by running after each others, while our people are in danger everyday month after month. They forget where they came from, all they do is to making sure that nothing will come between them are their money.

    GOSS, Dr Riek Machar and the So-Called-Lou-Nuer politicians!!!!! What a big surprise!!! We, the Lou Nuer become a victims of all these because of our commitment to Nuerism. I hope they know what I mean; we were 100% behind Riek Machar for so long and surprisingly, he just turns his finely face around and lets Lou Nuer become mourners. Riek Machar has already forget that we the Lou Nuer lost the countless brothers who can be our eyes today on his behave because we thought we are just doing the South Sudan a favour of getting a rid of dictatorship to free her citizens; What a mistake!!!!!

    Today, we can not suffer like this if our brothers like Koang, Manyal, Lok Riek, Nyang Duir, and countless young Lou Nuer men whom died in any corner of Southern Sudan on behave of Riek Machar.

    Lou Nuer politicians are just running around between Dollars and Sudanese pounds in Juba; fighting power struggle while people are being killed everyday; what ashamed to be in those groups. If I say something about Lou Nuer suffering; I will loss my money; they said in Juba. They are just running around between others while they are not able to unite themselves because of who is who are to under whom is to lead them. We are mourning here every each month and they are just fighting over fewest positions in Juba.

    Lou, enough is enough. In fact, if we will not acts, the mourns and condolences will never end. I have contacted some of the Lou Nuer Elders and even Leaders back home and some of them don’t even know what to do right now. But most of whom I talked to thinks we are the only way.

    I am here encourage all of us to take Gatwech Met Koryong, Chuol Wal, Kueth Yuol and other’s recommendation that we have to act by our own, without even thinking about those money lovers in Juba. If you think that they will do something, you are just wasting your valuable time about them.

    One man can save our people’s lives if committed to do so, and if you think you may be the one please let me and whoever will be at your side sooner then later. Brothers, there is no time for talkie-talkie now is a time for real work. We need to do something; if you can spend money on a car here in North America for your family, why not to buy a ticket and help people back home!!!!

    Now, if anyone out there is ready to go and joint the Lou Nuer Youths to protect our people I am ready.
    That is the only thing that I can say now brothers.

    If I write this with a lot of mistakes and you do not understand it; forgive me I am not in good mood about this

    Be in peace

    And let us start the work

    Gatluke Chuol Reat

    Chuol Wal Chak

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    Re: Dear Lou Nuer gentlemen!!!!

    Post  Chuol Wal Chak on Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:31 am

    Luke Chuol Reat, you stated it all, brother. We have been demoralized by hearing our fathers, mothers, and brothers being killed brutally while we still expecting government of South Sudan to result the case. I don’t trust the GoSS condemnation on the case as we have seen on their articles to go hand in hand with the proceeding you and I are looking for. Every one of us anticipates government of the South to be the arbitrator for civilians’ acts, yet the legitimate response that could be taken immediately always delayed till another catastrophe is initiated. Murle’s action is too late to be endured by us. We must issue a solid and bitter retaliation. Firing our words in air without factual action won’t resolve the case.

    Whether we like it or not, Murle Militias will strike our lovely homes again no later than a dry season if we don’t take some actions. I don’t want to ask whether everyone knows this or not. The thing is we ought to urge our young people who had kept the land of Borchar in peace before CPA was signed to protect the land rather than the government. Killing human beings is against the laws. Since the country has no rule of laws as we definitely know, let these blameless people (civilians) eradicate themselves; GoSS will face the consequences of its disastrous system of ruling in months and years to come.

    It is well and admirable idea for every each individual to put our government first in a situation like this. As a matter of fact, we are tired to be in the hands of others which has scattered Southern Sudanese in any corner of this earth. However, we have to consider the suffering and grieving with family we belong to when government fails to take our concern into its thoughtfulness.

    I don’t see anything left behind rather than using physical power against Murle militias as a repercussion of their attack. Hiring snipers as mentioned by our brother Kueth Yul is what sounds real to me right now. I would even love to be amongst the selection. We want to encourage young and fearless Lou Nuer people to take hurtful retaliation against Murle.

    In addition, thank to commissioner, Mr Goy of Akobo for his hard working of presenting this massacre of Lou Nuer people before government of the State (Jonglei State). At least State government sees what we are getting into right now. We have to make sure our voices prickle the ears of those pitiless politicians who don’t care for whatever except fighting for their own wealth.

    Once again, laa wec a rom nguat cuong.

    Chuol Wal

    Murle must face hostile lesson

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