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    The solution of this current problem of Murle and Jikany with Lou Nuer



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    The solution of this current problem of Murle and Jikany with Lou Nuer

    Post  Gluke on Sun May 24, 2009 2:14 am

    Dear my fellow citizens

    We been waiting for our GOSS long enough to come up with the solution to solves this current situation between Lou Nuer, Murle and Jikany. But The government of Southern Sudan has fail to do so. In additional, we has been debating and discusing over and over again too and cry-out but nothing ever happen.

    Now, I have seen many of you wanted to end this horrify killing between Lou Nuer and Murle including Jikany for so long. Well, if we really want to bring this terible killing to an end we have to do two things here urgently

    1. We have to go to United Nation Security Council along with someone from Murle and Jikany side by side to represent this problem. I said that because we have to focus on wide range of issues here in oder to make it understandable and stronger, with full evidents and good explaination to UNSC. Such as disarmmament of Lou Nuer in 2006 with no guarantee of security, these on going killing between those three communities, Setback by the GOSS. That mean if the Lou Nuer went to Murle or Murle went to Lou Nuer for example; while GOSS forces are in that area they will not intervene or break the fight else " your base has been attack" and more noticeble occurance incidents where the GOSS done nothing and more.

    2. If posible, we can send the same people to Juba to represent the above points to GOSS. To make-sure that they will solves these problems immediately.

    These two actions can safe the lives in my opinion. Why I say that? it is because talking over internet will never do anything and sending money is even a desaster. Don't forget that money may fall in to wrong hands and used them against senders. Also you can't not solves this problem by sending individuals a $50-$100 dollars. These money can be used for transportation of those who can travel to UNSC or to GOSS for presentations of these problems.

    One of the reason why I think that these tthree communities such as Lou Nuer, Jikany and Murle should involve in to proccess? Is that I want us to think big not just only to think about your family but others. Because killing is not just happening in one side but all. Also to make this case stronger to the world. If you ever across a report by Small Army Servey about all these problem in Southern Sudan, you would have a very clear idea of how fail the GOSS is? Remember we are not here to criticize the GOSS but to tell the truth and helps our people.

    If you disagree with me brother/sister on this matter, just take it as a suggestion. There is nothing between me and anyone of you out there we are here to cry together and trying to come up with the solution.

    I guarantee you if we move side by side together in this matter we can help our people. I am encourage you to compare this case to other cases that has been took to United Nation Security Council before and or do research to see if someone somewhere had ever done anything like this and finally succeed. I personally know a lot of people who succeed in doing something like this. Please do so for the sake of our people.

    In my opinion, I prefer United Nation Security Council and I would be happy to joint the cause. If you are ready I am

    May almighty God guide us in peace

    Best regard
    Gatluke Chuol Reat

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