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    Response to Lou Nuer at Lounuer Network At Yahoo

    Post  Gluke on Fri May 22, 2009 5:11 am

    Dear all

    first of all, good to be back home here in Canada and it has been good to see
    all of you crying out about our people's lives. I am very glad to see all of you
    giving their opinion on this situation of Murle. However, the greater danger of
    those opinion is that they are still harming our people.

    My fellow Lou Nuer, Our people are in danger then-ever before. I personally been
    in Lou Nuer areas such as Waat, Walgak, Langken/Lankien and Pathaay. I was there
    and see myself how our people live, our people are living pear, and of course
    killing by Murle is a dailly routine, it is sad indeed. Never before our people
    do not know now what to do? wether to live in Lou or go somewhere else. I do not
    want to go into details but it is heart-breaking. However, there are bad and
    good news the Good news is we all understand their (Lou Nuer) situations their
    dailly routine and the bad news is we are bringing politic into it. When I read
    you guy's article, I was so shock to learn that we bring 1991 and Riek Machar in
    to this situation. If you ever been back home after 2005 peace agreement, you
    should have a very clear idea on how the thing works in Southern Sudan. We have
    to be very careful when we bring back 1991 in to our current situation. When I
    came back from South Sudan in August 2008, I said this "Jiath Loach" because our
    people are fighting by themselves while we have our enemies fighting to us.

    Now what I would prefer to say is that please, please leave the politic aside
    and let us find the solution to help our peole. I myself discuse this issue with
    some of Lou Nuer elders, intellectuals and Youth. Including uncle Yoal Dok, two
    commissioners William Kuol Chuol of Nyirol and Gatluak Reath Kuil of Uror and
    others Chiefs too. We talk about these kinds of politic alot because it seems
    that politic is a key on and or it contributing in to Lou Nuer situations. I was
    at the conference which took place in Bor from May 10-14, 2009 and the outcome
    of the meeting was somehow ok but for us as Lou Nuer I will say no. I will not
    going on into details about our discusion but please I want you to rethink if
    you really like politic.

    At the end, I am here to appeal to all of you that let us work hand by hand in
    this problem. Not just only to collected money, but to be clear to the
    Government of Southern Sudan and to our politicians. To tell them the truth that
    they fail to protect our people. Look when Lou Nuer went to Murle the GOSS and
    Jonglei State Gov't have provided Murle for whatever they can to help them. When
    the same thing had happened in Akoba there was no word from GOSS or State Gov't.
    I was there in Bor or Jonglei State. I did not see any response from both
    Governments it was only John Jock Chuol who went there. Therefore, we (Lou Nuer)
    have to work event hander to bring this situation an end. Please, let us rescue
    our people not for talke-talke but for real action.

    May almighty God help us and guide us to help those lives

    Best Regard
    Gatluke Chuol Reat
    Ontario, Canada

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