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    Post  Chuol Wal Chak on Sun May 10, 2009 5:04 pm

    By Buai Tut Chuol

    Hello, Everybody!

    Having gone through the list of the deceased, I just cannot control my tears.It is a tragedy. It is an agony. It is a gloom. I simply cannot find words that can adequately express my feelings.My heart goes out to those who have lost their beloved ones.May the Lord Almighty comfort them.May the souls of the deceased rest in eternal peace. Amen! In fact the Murle and the Lou have been bitter rivals over cattles for centuries. This is well known all over the South.However, this long tribal conflict has taken new dimensions. It is very strange that the Murle are now targetting kids, Women and the folks.They(Murle) have convinced every body beyond reasonable doubt that they are not fighting for cattles, because if that was the case, the battle would have been fought in the cattle-camp.The Murle are weak in the conventional warfare and as a result, they have resorted to hit-and-run tactics(the guerrila warfare). Things have been worsened by the unilateral disarmament imposed on the Lou by the Government of South Sudan. The question that hangs on everybody's lip is "why has GOSS failed to disarm the Murle?" What on earth have the Lou Nuer done to the GOSS or the SPLA that deserves such a reprimand? Without having to bore my readers so much, I want to conclude by urging the Lou-Nuer sons who are now serving in the GOSS to put pressure on Salva.We want to see these idiots disarmed in no more than a month otherwise you guys should resign for the sake your community.

    Condolesences to the victims of Murle attack on Lou


    Buai Tut Chol

    Murle must face hostile lesson

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