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    Hello everyone



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    Hello everyone

    Post  Gluke on Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:58 am

    How are you guys there in North America and elsewhere?

    I am very thankful indeed for your encourage in my journey to our homeland southern Sudan. Everyone is doing well here I met with differents people since my arrival to Kenya, Juba and Now in Bor. I will be here for some days untill I move on to lou Area later on in the coming days. I met with some Lou officials and I tells them about our project and they are so encourage to it. I may travel to Ayod to attend a peace conference between Lou, Gawaar and Dinka Duk with Lou and Ayod offials. However I want you guys to continues working hard untill the end because the move here is going well. I did contact different organizations and they are interested into our projects. My encourage to you now is to do research on which organization is working with Southern Sudanese. So please keeps in touch with each others to be able to know our progress.

    South Sudan is going very well, Bor here is getting bigger and everything is going well.

    I wish you guys the very best and good luck for your work

    Gatluke Chuol

    Chuol Wal Chak

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    Re: Hello everyone

    Post  Chuol Wal Chak on Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:54 am

    Hi, GLuke

    You have earned our immeasurable appreciations. Send us some pictures and videos that you have taken so far in the meetings or whatever occasions they may be. You can use either of the following email addresses: info@lounuer.net, lounuerdevelopment@live.ca, or nyankhor@hotmail.com.

    This is for you; you can use lukec@lounuer.net email for contacting any organization that you may think of. I will email you through your private email address later to provide you with complete information of this account.

    Once again, job is well done. Keep going on that speed.

    Be in peace

    Chuol Wal Chak

    Murle must face hostile lesson


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    Re: Hello everyone

    Post  Yien on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:38 am

    Hi mr.luke,

    first and foremost, it is a job well done to be there.you earn lounnuer appreciation.Keep doing what you are doing.secondly,luke, don't forget nyalual's song.


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    Re: Hello everyone

    Post  Tmaloa on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:26 am

    Hey, Luke:

    Thank you for letting us know you arrived in Jonglei in peace.
    When will is that peace meeting you talk about take place?
    Bye for now and have yourself a great time.
    Enjoy your stay in Sudan.



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    Re: Hello everyone

    Post  Gluke on Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:17 am

    Thank you very much guys everyone is fine too. Now my time is very limit ande for that reason I will not be able to send you some pictures and all the latest. I may get time later on.

    Here is my contact here in Jonglie State

    this phone I will carry it with me 011-8821643330068

    This two are only in Bor
    265 477172552

    Have a nice Day
    Gluk Chuol

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    Re: Hello everyone

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