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    Press Release By Lou Community Peace Council



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    Press Release By Lou Community Peace Council

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    We are for peace but shall remain vigilant and united.


    The Lou Community Peace Council convened an urgent meeting in Juba on Saturday 11th 2009, for members of Lou Nuer Community in Juba to discuss urgent security developments in Jonglei State affecting the community particularly, the deteriorating Lou Nuer relations with neighbouring communities ( Murle of Pibor and Dinka of Duk County).

    The meeting which was attended by 112 individuals of Lou Community in Juba, listened to a briefing by members of the team of Lou political leaders that visited the area recently, and to the opening statement from the Chairman of the Council and made a number of resolutions and recommendations as follows:


    1. Lou – Murle Conflict

    1.1. The meeting noted that the recent upsurge of hostilities between Lou and Murle was a result of repeated recent attacks by the Murle Community on Lou Nuer people in which hundreds of Lou men, women and children were killed or wounded, children and women abducted and thousands herds of cattle robbed. The Lou were left in desperate situation with no other option left to them except to retaliate in order to bring back their abducted women and children and stolen cattle since the State Government proved unable and helpless to maintain law and order throughout the state.

    1.1.2 The meeting noted with great disappointment the fact that the Murle were able to carry out their indiscriminate and unprovoked attacks on Lou people just soon after the visit of the Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan Dr. Riek Machar and the Murle prominent leader Major-General Ismail Konyi to Akobo, Nyirol and Uror Counties. While in these Counties both leaders assured the citizens of Lou that the Murle would observe peace and harmony and that the Lou can move with their cattle for grazing and water in areas adjacent to the Murle without fear of any Murle attacks. Their assurances turned out to be not genuine but mere statements without value. Both leaders are therefore partly responsible for the disaster that happened.

    1.1.3. The meeting affirmed the desire of Lou community to live in peace with their neighbours in the state. In this spirit, the meeting appreciated the peace initiative from some Murle intellectuals and leaders through the good offices of the Southern Sudan Peace Commission and supported the idea of dialogue between the two communities with the view to achieving a lasting peaceful coexistence between the two neighbouring people. The meeting therefore urged the Peace Commission to support this initiative with resources so that the situation is put under control and future conflict prevented.
    1.1.4. The meeting approved the decision taken by the joint Lou- Murle Committee which was formed after the meeting with the Peace Commission to work towards the realization of immediate cessation of hostilities between the two communities pending the holding of a Peace Conference under the auspices of the Southern Sudan Peace Commission. To achieve this end, the meeting recommended that further attacks or hostile incursions for revenge by members of the two communities should stop immediately.

    1.1.5. Any children, women or any captured persons on both sides should be treated humanely until the peace conference is convened between the two communities and peace and reconciliation is achieved.
    1.1.6. The meeting calls upon the UN agencies particularly UNMISS to help in evacuation of Lou citizens who are now held in Pibor and Likuenole but who were not involved in the recent fighting, to their respective counties to ensure their safety. The Pibor County Commissioner is called upon to gurantee the safety of those people.

    2.0. The Conflict between Lou and Dinka of Duk County

    2.1. Admittedly, these two communities have close historical and cultural ties spanning many years. However, the present conflict initially has its historical roots in the sharing of grazing areas and water points (toiches). Since 2006, relations between the two communities have been unfortunately on the path of deterioration. Such issues as County boundaries, cattle theft and most recently the involvement of members of the organized forces hailing from Nyarweng community (Poktap) in ambushing and killing of sons of Lou Nuer from the Wildlife forces and looting of personal as well as public money found in their possession meant for employees of Nyirol County, have made the situation even worse.
    The collusion of the County Commissioner in the attacks against Lou and the apparent helplessness of the State in holding those responsible for these heinous criminal activities accountable for their crimes is of great concern to the Lou community and must be addressed.

    Therefore, to stop further deterioration of the situation and avoid any further loss of lives between the two communities, the meeting resolved the following:

    2.1.1. The killers of the wildlife officers and scouts or wardens at Poktap should be arrested and brought before the law forthwith. Any cover up in this matter may lead to disastrous consequences which would not be good for the peace and harmony of the state.
    2.1.2. Duk County authorities should open the road passing through their area for Lou citizens to travel to the state Capital Bor without being offloaded from vehicles or killed while en route as is currently the case. This will avoid any acts of retaliation.

    2.1.3. The Commissioner of Duk County is implicated in the events of Poktap in which Wildlife officers and some Lou citizens were deliberately ambushed and several of them killed only a few kilometres away from Poktat!! The state Authorities should be sensitive and take legal action against him instead of promoting him. He was aware of the plot.
    2.1.4. Lou cattle taken by citizens of Duk in May 2007 should be returned by the Duk County authorities so that the Lou community does not resort to self-help.
    2.1.5. Lou Women and children killed recently by citizens of Duk County while the Lou people were still away in Murle land to recover their children and cattle must be compensated.
    2.1.6. The Authorities of the state should effectively intervene in the conflict between Lou community and people of Nyarweng and Hol to avoid the area descending into lawlessness.
    2.1.7. Jonglei State authorities should assist and facilitate a peace conference between Duk and the two Counties of Uror and Nyirol.
    2.1.8. There is need to strengthen law enforcement agencies in the area.

    3.0. Lou – Jikany Relations

    3.1. The Meeting appreciates the outcome of the Ulang Conference between Lou and Jikany and calls for further consolidation of peace in the area. The meeting however noted that points 10 and 11 of the final resolutions of the conference need to be clarified and further reviewed to avoid any conflict in the future.
    3.2. The Meeting observes that issues of local identity and administrative boundaries should be separated and further that the aspirations of the people should be taken into account when considering administrative boundaries of counties.

    4.0. Lou – Gaawar Relations

    4.1. The meeting expresses satisfaction with the prevailing peace between Lou and Gaawar despite occasional breaches of peace by some bandits and cattle thieves from both sides.
    4.2. The meeting calls upon the county Commissioners concerned to work together in controlling and punishing any criminals that disturb peace across common borders.

    5.0. On the Role of State Authorities

    5.1. The meeting calls upon Jonglei State authorities to implement disarmament of the civilian population in the State, this time starting with the Murle followed by the Dinka and the Nuer and others. This is because in 2006 disarmament was started in Lou Nuer and did not include the Murle and Dinka communities who are now heavily armed.
    5.2. The state should exert more efforts to alleviate the current food insecurity in the Lou counties which has been aggravated by the closure of roads leading to the counties.( e.g. Uror).
    5.3. The state has to recognize the role of community leaders in peace-building and development and should be consulted on matters connected with their political constituencies.

    Approved by the participants in the meeting held at Beijing hotel on Saturday 11th April 2009 in Juba as per attached attendance sheets.


    List of members of Lou Community who attended the briefing meeting in Juba to Address Security Concerns.

    1. Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok. Chairman of Lou Coucil
    2. Hon. John Luk Jok, - Vice Chairman of Lou Council
    3. Hon. John Jok Chol - Member Lou Council
    4. Hon. Gatkuoth Dup – member Lou Council
    5. Hon. Nyang Chuol Dhuor – member
    6. Mr Chuol Rambang Loth – member
    7. Rev. Moses Mayul Thor - member
    8. Mr Micheal Ruot Puk
    9. Rev. Micheal Chot Lul - Council member
    10. Mr. Tap Koat Wal - Council member
    11. Mr. William Malual Todel
    12. Mr Keila Duol Kueth
    13. Mr Gatkiir reay
    14. Mr. Yien Ural Lam
    15. Mr. Joy Bel
    16. Mr. Nyang Lam Weil
    17. Mr Goi Yol
    18. Mr. Majok Gatluak Toak
    19. Mr. Ruon Bidong
    20. Mr. James Gatkuoth Riek
    21. Mr. Gatluak Malual
    22. Mr. Lam Gatluak
    23. Mr. David Mai Tang
    24. Mr. General System Kueth Kong
    25. Mr. Samuel gatwech
    26. Mr. Gatwech Gang Lual
    27. Mr James Ruot Chung
    28. Mr. Thomas Tut Kuol
    29. Mr. Gordon gatwech Chol
    30. Mr Char Nhial Chol
    31. Mr Gatwech James Ruot
    32. Mr John Dak Chung
    33. Rev. David Biel Choil
    34. Mr. Simon Hoth Biel
    35. Mr. Gatluak Riek Malual
    36. Mr. Pidor Tut Puol
    37. Mr. Micheal Yien Jiek
    38. Mr. Lam Simon Chot
    39. Mr. Pal Gor Luak
    40. Mr. Micheal Gatkuoth Mayian
    41. Mr. Stephen With Ngunoak
    42. Mr. John Jok Manyuon
    43. Mr. Juma Duoth Thoan
    44. Mr. Nhial Gatwech Chung
    45. Mr. Isaac Khan Lok
    46. Mr. Stephen Thomas Wor Jok
    47. Mr. Tut Bangot Rut
    48. Mr. Butrous Rial Kok
    49. Mr. Kuony William Kueth
    50. Mr. Johnson Ruach
    51. Mr. James Sigin Banak
    52. Mr. Andrew Bil Lual
    53. Mr. Tut Jakok Wieu
    54. Mr William Machar Ruadheal
    55. Mr. Gatkuoth Changpiny
    56. Mr.James Malith Gatluak
    57. Mr. Stephen Kuon Puk
    58. Mr. Jacob Dei Tut
    59. Mr. Khor Makuac
    60. Jeremiah Gatkor Duol
    61. Mr Musa Makuach Machar
    62. Mr. Deng Minyjang Malual
    63. Mr. Hoth Duol Bol
    64. Mr. Kulang War Joak
    65. Mr. Chuol Ruei Nyuot
    66. Mr. Mark Bangot Gok
    67. Mr. John Luk Deng
    68. Mr. Mark Yoa Lual
    69. N
    70. Mr Paulino Kueth
    71. Mr. Peter Gatkuoth
    72. Mr. Teah Gatjiek
    73. Mr. Mai Riek Bum
    74. Mr. Isaac Lok Wiyual
    75. Mr. William Hon Kolang
    76. Mr. Peter char Muang
    77. Mr.Paul Opio Both Wityian
    78. Mr. Yoanes Both Tut Kong
    79. Mr. Banen James Ruot
    80. Mr. Manyang Bol Dak
    81. Mr. Chuol James Ruot
    82. Mr. Chuong Ruot Gatkuoth
    83. Mr. Koang Puok Dieu
    84. Mr. Gatluak Gai Chol
    85. Mr. Peter Khor Malual
    86. Mr. Tut Chuol Chan
    87. Mr. Goi Gatluak Reth
    88. Mr. Stephen Hoth Ker
    89. Mr James Chuol Jany
    90. Mr. Chan Gony Dup
    91. Mr. Charchuor Chuol Thok
    92. Mr. David Ruon Nyieth
    93. Mr. Chiang chuol Dup
    94. Mr. Pal Kun Buoy
    95. Mr. Tor Kang Yol
    96. Mr. Lul Micheal Chot
    97. Rev. peter Tut Pur
    98. Mr Chuol Thiran Nyuot
    99. Mr. Juma Mut Lual
    100. Mr. John Ret Gatjiek
    101. Mr.Chuol Kok Chaper
    102. Mr. Lul Ruai Kong
    103. Mr. Tut Gon Nyuot
    104. Mr. Gatwech Rambang chol
    105. Mr. Lam Nhial Thong
    106. Mr. Ter Jok Weal
    107. Mr.Bijany K. Tut
    108. Mr. Wal Chagor Padit
    109. Mr.Manyok Ajak
    110. Mr. Simon Gatwech Rik
    111. Mr.Gatkuoth James Ruot
    112. Latjor Kuon Pachuei

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