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    Please, read this article


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    Please, read this article

    Post  Doang Puok on Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:52 pm

    Like I said, take a look at it. Here it is: cheers


    Yien Lam Tot,

    Chairman of the (SSLF)



    22nd March 2009


    His Excellency, Honourable Field Marshal General Omar Hassan al-Bashir,

    President of the Republic of Sudan.

    His Excellency, Honourable Ali Osman Mohamed Taha,

    Vice President of the Republic of Sudan.

    His Excellency, Honourable Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein,

    Minister of Defence.

    His Excellency, Honourable Salah Gosh, National Security Director.

    His Excellency, Honourable Dr Riek Gach Kok, Presidential Advisor to the Field Marshal, General al-Bashir

    Subject: SPLM/ SPLA totally breached the (CPA) and returned to the bush

    Dear Gen. al-Bashir, Taha, Lt. Gen. Hussein, Mr. Gosh, & Dr. Gach,

    I have felt to spend few minutes to write this short letter to you regarding the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed between the two parties; the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). The (SPM /SPLA) dishonoured the (CPA) and returned to the bush to renew the rebellion against the Government of Khartoum. The (SPLM /SPLA) is not a true liberation organisation; it is a fake association created by the late Dr / Colonel John Garang de Mabior to protect only the Dinkas. It had never had true liberation objectives since its inception in Ethiopia in 1983. It struggles for neither the separation of South Sudan from the North Sudan nor the united secular democratic Sudan. It has been betraying the nation since the formation of the Government of National Unity (GONU) in the year 2005 up to this date. There is no doubt that the (SPLM) completely failed to work closely and cooperatively with the Government of Khartoum (GOK). It was a political suicide for (NCP) to sign a peace deal with unlawful tribal organisation. Due to the above reasons, the Government of Khartoum should implement the following plans;

    (1) The existing president of Sudan, should appoint the 1st Vice President of Sudan because the leader of the (SPLM /SPLA) and his followers are on their way to the bush to renew rebellion against the Government of Khartoum and its allies. It will be a political-military suicide to hesitate the appointment of the reliable South Sudanese into this position. Lt. Gen. Salfa Kir Mayardit and his key supporters have already urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to arrest the current president of Sudan without delay.

    (2) The National Congress Party (NCP) should support the establishment of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) for all anti-SPLA South Sudanese troops. The Supreme Military Council (SMC) will monitor and coordinate military activities in South Sudan and prepare military activities report to the President of Sudan. The (SPLA) is unable to provide professional security services for civilian populations in South Sudan and related areas. For instance, the Murle-Lou-Nuer conflict has reached tertiary level and the (SPLA) totally failed to respond to the ongoing tribal conflict in Jonglei in a professional manner.

    (3) Encourage the holding of the anti-SPLA-factions conference in Khartoum. All anti-SPLM /SPLA factions should meet in Khartoum to elect the Chairperson of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) in consultation with Field Marshal Gen. Al-Bashir.

    (4) The National Congress Party (NCP) should implement the (CPA) with one of the South Sudanese liberation organisations. The (SPLM /SPLA) has lost popularity in Sudan and South Sudan in particular. Secondly, it continuously demanding quick hanging or killing of the President of the Republic of Sudan.

    (5) The Sudan National Armed Forces (SNAF) should defend all the Sudanese citizens against external threats such as Lord Resistance Army (LRA) and other lawless paramilitary forces.

    (6) The Government of Khartoum (GOK) should allocate some ministerial positions to the people of Darfur to end the blood shed and also to eliminate poverty in the region.

    (7) Encourage the construction of the infrastructure in the marginalised regions.

    (Cool Promote peace education in Sudan to reduce violence.

    (9) Involve all anti-SPLA South Sudanese factions in the governance of Sudan.

    (10) Allocate some ministerial portfolios to the people of the Nuba Mountains.

    (11) The Government of Khartoum (GOK) should keep on working closely and cooperatively with local and international organisations except the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC). The (ICC) demands the occupation and re-colonisation of Sudan.

    Yours Sincerely


    Yien Lam Tot

    Chairman, South Sudanese Liberation Front (SSLF)

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