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    Read this an interesting article, please!

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    Read this an interesting article, please!

    Post  Doang Puok on Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:24 pm

    Like I said, it is really an interesting article.

    By F.Sen.Sam Simon Mayan Tut

    Why do the GOSS and JSG worried about the dancing gathering between Lou Nuer Youth and Murle militia if the governments did not worried in 2006?

    Why governor Kuol Manyang Juuk worried now while he did not worried when Lou innocent people been killed in all those past years ago? Any bloodshed again against Lou Nuer innocent civilians from the government of the Southern Sudan will cause Rwanda internal war in the South and no one will be blame.

    Lou Nuer youth have no guns in their hands,so let them play normal game with Murle militia since they have no guns in their hands. It is a normal play game between Lou Nuer youth under 18 years and not the real Lou Nuer men fighters. Ngundeng will tell those youth to come back to Lou land later on.

    Who's south Sudan belong to him/them and not wanted others in the South Sudan? Why do we worried since Lou Nuer youth are fighting Murle militia without guns in their hands because Lou Nuer community were already disarmed by (DTDG) and (JSG) since 2006? let Lou Nuer youth and Murle militia be given a room to fight for one of them to surrender to other that would be a last listen between them like when the world authorities included United Nation security council and European Union has given chance of war to Hamas and Israel.

    Let us not worried Lou Nuer community have no guns in their hands to fight others because they were already been disarmed by the goverment of the Southern Sudan and the international community and the government of the National Unity are the witnessed. So let the war go a head in Murle land because they have been told by Lou many years that we are good neighbours but they don,t listen so what do we do next? They always said that the Murle men whose always go to Nuer land are thieves, ok, let Lou Nuer youth look for the Murle thieves untill the find them.

    So I want any tribe in the South Sudan not to attack Nuer land or kill Nuer person, let them kill themselves alone they will know the resolutions among themselves later on.
    The root of the conflict between Lou Nuer and Murle community was a long background story since 1938 when a 5 Murle men attacked a Lou Nuer young man who has been looking after his cattle in January 1939 in the area between Nyadit and Kwangala the second town to Murle main town. That was the starting point of the conflict and it was the beginning of the conflict from that year, Murle continoued to kills Lou Nuer people yearly.

    When the Lou Nuer head chief send his native police man to Murle head chief in Pibor to arrested the 5 Murle men whose killed the boy,the Murle chief told the Lou Nuer native police that he do not know where they are,so the Murle head chief failed to responded into the request of Lou Nuer head chief.

    However,from that date of 1939,the Murle tribe continoued to kills Lou Nuer innocent people children and women and the elderly people up to on 9/3/2009 which is against human right and the new world order today. So Lou Nuer people continoued with their peaceful silence untill yesterday when they become to said no enough Murle. Israel said no to Hamas and the world powerful authorities has given them chance to know themselves.So let them finish their 90 minutes game.

    In 1998/99,hundred of innocent people been killed by Murle militia in Yuai county,Firi,Nyadit,Kuaikay,Mutot,Yeidit and Akobo and looted thousands head of cattle and taken children and young ladies but the government of the Southern Sudan and Jonglei State government never said any thing or stop the killing against Lou Nuer innocent civilians whose have no body to defend them in the government of South Sudan or federal government in that time, untill the time that Sultan/Isamiel Konyi became a governor of Jonglei he did not even solved the problem .Than who will be blamed?

    In 2001,when I was in the Parliament we Lou Nuer MPS tried to held talks with Murle MPs in the state parliament, but same thing happened in 1939 has been repeated by Murle intellectuals.the 4 murles intellectuals included 2 administrators whose were against Murles militia attacks against Lou Nuer areas were arrested in Pibor in 1999/20001 because the Murle tribe was assumed that since they have been well armed by unknown pwoers to killed Lou Nuer innocent people because they have been defending their towns Akobo and Waat from the enemy and Lou Nuer have no enough guns to face Murle only the few guns that they boughted from SPLA/M in 1983/88 to defended their wealths and their cattle from Murle and Dinka whose have been armed by SPLA and unknown authority.

    In 2003,the western part of Lou Nuer area was badly attacked by Dinka/SPLA force whose were camping in Puoktop SPLA garison and killed many people. On 15/3/2004,Murle militia attacked Lou Nuer cattle camp in (TOI GILA) and killed 275 innocent Lou Nuer civilian included children and women and looted 587.000 head of cattle.Same year,Murle also attacked Gaajak Nuer area in eastern Nuer in May 2004 and killed many people near Makuacluthchur and took thousand of cattle.

    In 2006 from January to June the SPLA 7000 troops have been deployed to Lou Nuer area to unlawfully disarmed Lou Nuer civilian and leaving others communuties around Lou aside which resulted to 464 innocent civilian killed by SPLA and burned 1000 local houses and looted 36.000 head of cattle to Dinka land through Lou Nuer leaders whose were selfish enough to allowed their relatives to be kills because of positions without knowing that if there is no Lou they can not be called leaders or respected by other communities.

    In January 2009,Murle militia attacked Yuai county, Pathai, Firi, Nyadit and killed more than 97 people included women and children and looted 157 thousand head of cattle and in other hand, Dinka police soldiers attacked Nyirol county lorry who was carrying salaries of the county government workers and traders esential commondoties or goods in Duk Padiet,9 persons included one child and his mother ,one Wildlife officer and other 6 people were killed in that attack and looted the salaries of the government workers but the governemt of the Southern Sudan and Jonglei state government never form any investigation committee upto now.

    If the Governor of Jonglei went to Juba asking Salva Kiir to allow SPLA troops to be deploy to Murle area to defend Murle while he has been a leader in the SPLA/M when Lou Nuer innocent people have been killed by the SPLA and Murle in those 4 years ago why did he not defend Lou people while he is a son of Jonglei whom Lou Nuer people whose are been killing can vote for him. Lou Nuer area is not Gaza or Hamas to (DTDL) but the peaceful community as every body in the South know in which there is no South without Lou Nuer or Nuer in general.

    Lou Nuer innocent people or Nuer in general are not a (RIVER FISHES) to be killed without unkown reason while they have been struggled for the sake of the South since 1953 up to now through their heroes leaders, Both Diu,J ames Jok Kueth Peal, peace and unity hero Peter Gatkuoth Gual, Yuel Kir, Nyang Rundial, Samuel Gai Tut, William Chuol Deng, Charles Kuot Chamtim, general Pual Ruot Wicluth and others.

    In the South Sudan any body who want to teach himself to kill people should simply go to Nuer land and kill innocent people as he like and no body can ask him but this time he/she must be ask and pay the consequence.

    However, I am strongly appeal to (DTDG) in Juba and (JSG) not to repeat what they did to lou Nuer civilian in 2006. So let the Lou Nuer youth since they attacked Murle tribe without guns in their hands because they have been already disarmed by the (GOSS) and (JSG) as the government know this, let them be given the last chance to play game with Murle militia like the one of Gaza because there is no problem since Murle tribe have got million guns in their hands and Lou Nuer youth have no guns why do we worried, Lou Nuer youth will come back to Lou Nuer land when they finish their trip in Murle land because it is time for the southerners to give themselves a listens under Juba (DTDL) since the government of the Southern Sudan failed to liaydown a law or regulations that can be respected by the Southern people or follow by the people. Let the South be destroy and be reunited again when the qualified leaders whose know administration and how to lead the people come up later on.

    What do we do? Dinka killed hundreds of innocent Shuluk people last January 2009 and the government in the Southern Sudan never turned up to investigate the problem he than what do we do next?

    Finally,we must all know that Jesus christ,son of God begun his work in his own town to teach is own relatives while he was a son of God,same thing,Dr.John Garang De Mabior developed off his own relatives since 1983/2005 also Kiir Mayardit is now doing same thing to his Gorial relatives,whom do we blame?let the South be destroy and reunited again later on.

    Who can tell general Gabriel Tang not to go to the South while he was borned in the South in the Nuer historical area Fangak?Gabriel Tang will be in the South Sudan when time come before Salva go to heaven.

    Long live Lou Nuer youth
    Long live Nuer unity
    I strongly call upon all Lou Nuer intellectuals,leaders,elders,women and youth to strongly stand behind Lou Nuer youth whose are now doing footbal game in Murle land as a reaction of the past.SPLM is forced people to said unsense words.

    F.Sen.Sam Simon Mayan Tut

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