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    Please, read this article patiently without being tired of how big it looks

    Doang Puok

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    Please, read this article patiently without being tired of how big it looks

    Post  Doang Puok on Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:33 pm

    Like I said, I would like to urge you to read it carefully. Take your twenty to twenty-five minutes. Here it is:

    Referred to the briefing discussion between the Governor of Jonglei State and the President of the Government of the Southern Sudan Lt.general Salva Kiir Manyardit

    on 10/3/2009 concerning the war between Patientable and honest people Lou Nuer whose been under long patience/patient in the South since the signing of CPA in 2005 upto the date 10/3/2009,every body witnessing that long patient from Lou Nuer people including UN representatives in the South Sudan,International Organizations working in the Southern sudan and others Southern communities.

    In 2006,from Janauary same year,SPLA troops more than 7000 soldiers attacked Lou Nuer area and killed hundreds of innocent people included children,olderly women and old men,sexual abuses against young under ages girls and took more than 36,000 head of cattle by Dinka and SPLA soldiers and burned down 1500 local houses in Lou Nuer western area Yuai ,Pathai and Firi.

    In same year,Murle militas also attacked Lou Nuer areas and killed a lot of the innocent people including women and children but the so call government of the Southern sudan never and ever say any thing simply because the SPLA/SPLM since 1983 took Lou nuer people as the enemy to the movement while what have been done by Lou Nuer people to defend the area of Lou Nuer,Akobo and Waat should supposed to be rewards by the SPLM tribal government after the CPA in 2005.

    Whereas,because it was a policy from the SPLM/A against Lou Nuer people or Nuer in general,the SPLM governemt began to unlawfully disarmed Lou Nuer civilians in the imddle of the other communities and leave a side Murle community,Dinka community and other communities,that was a planning since 1980 but the Lou Nuer intellectuals including Lou Nuer politicians never took any attention that there was something behind that discrimination becuase their aim was the Southern problem and not internal problem that was in the mind of every Nuer leader.

    However,today about what is going on in Murle area,the war or fighting between Lou Nuer youth and Murle community must continue untill either Murle tribe should finish Lou Nuer young people or Murle tribe must surrenders to Lou Nuer youth and not to repeat any event against Lou Nuer community again because the problem of Lou Nuer in the South Sudan must not be always Murle and Dinka communities yearly while we always tell them that we are brothers specially Murle tribe but they don,t listen but the two communities must quitly listen into Lou Nuer adices shortly because Lou Nuer people are not the cows for peace whose can be always kills or Nuer in general and be told to keep quite a while the Nuer population is reducing into zero in which the selfish Nuer does not know this but their hearts in wealths and positions.

    However,the SPLM government in the Southern Sudan must treat the event between the two communities in a respectable way and not to repeat the bloodshed discrimination against Lou Nuer civilians of 2006 otherwise Lou Nuer people will take the SPLM as a dangerious enemy to Lou Nuer community,but let any Lou Nuer leader or politician or intellectual or officer said that Sam his wrong because of their position or wealths or selfishness because without Lou Nuer people or Nuer in general any Nuer leader should never be respected by any other community unless your people behind you otherwise you should be considered as selfish dog leader whatsoever your qualification.

    Once more again,I strongly call upon all Lou Nuer intellectuals and leaders to strongly stand behind Lou Nuer youth whose attacked Murle areas because the cause of bloodshed between the two communities was not begun by Lou Nuer people but by Murle community many years and as I am the Chairman of BNFA Community adice any other community in the Southern Sudan to performance a good relationship with Nuer nation because Nuer nation should not always be the key of unity in the South Sudan since the time of peace hero Peter Gatkuoth Gual up 21 cetury.

    Any community in the South Sudan must respect Nuer community and respect the unity of the South Sudan as Nuer are fully committed themselves into Southern unity otherwise.

    So I am strongly supported Lou youth to make the unknown conflict between Lou Nuer and Murle to come to end and make the Lou Nuer children and women to walk free in any Lou Nuer roads and the solution must agree by both sides and the government of the Southern Sudan must not repeat what the SPLM/A did against Lou Nuer people in 2006.

    Finally, I also ask the Governor of Jonglei State to form a investigation committee from other communities leaders to investigate the killing of 9 government workers of Nyirol County last January 2009 in Duk Padiet County by Dinka police soldiers with unknown reason and the state government must reward the County to pay back all the salaries of workers and traders sential commodities which has been looted by Dinka soldiers and citizens in Duk.

    The Lou Nuer people in particular and Nuer community in general are fully respected the unity of the Southern Sudan since 1953 upto this moment as the Nuer never discriminates any one in the South Sudan or fights against any one in the South Sudan unless its some thing that become dangerious wounds in the body of Nuer and that is why things are going worst in the Southern Sudan or in the government of the South Sudan and Nuer are keeping quite just for the sake of the South and it unity.Let us all respects ourselves otherwise South Sudan shall be like a country of no name or second Rwanda in 1994 in which we don,t want that to happen in the South before 2011.

    Long live Lou Nuer youth
    Long live Southern Unity and
    Long live Nuer struggle toward Southern freedom and unity of the Southern people.

    Former Senator/Sam Simon Mayan Tut
    A former chairman of Legislative Assembly Affairs
    Jonglei State

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    Re: Please, read this article patiently without being tired of how big it looks

    Post  Yien on Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:35 pm

    To Bidong,

    first of all,it is good article doang. secondly,Sam said it all.i do appreciate his insightful knowledge of all these things.

    Thanks Bidoang


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