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    Breaking News: "More terrorist cells found in Sudan"



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    Breaking News: "More terrorist cells found in Sudan"

    Post  Khorpatay on Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:59 pm

    The ultimated source of news from Sudan:

    Ladies and gentlemans, has all of you knew about the genuies and
    mastermind of 9/11/2001,Mr.Osama Binladin who has blasted the famous twin tower of New York in half.And he were doing his operation by then
    in Sudan before the President J.W.Buch took the office.
    Now our concerns is we have a huge presence terrorist cells in Sudan
    overall.While Notherners and Southeners population are just enyoing
    the peace brouth by C.P.A to all Sudanese.
    Therefore,these groups said to be targeting the westerns world interest
    in Sudan whenever they are found. And these groups are:

    1-Martyr Abu-Qiseissah sucide group
    2-Ansar Al-Sunnah
    3-Al-Jihadijah group
    4-Group in search of Martyrdom
    5-Martyr ALi Abdel-Fattah Brigade
    6-Darfur Lions Brigade(Musa Hilal Group)
    7-Darfurian-Arabs Mohammed Clan

    These groups are found now in Sudan,and neverless they could be in South
    Sudan as well if our security is not prepared well to protect the sevilians of South Sudan.
    Your sources of news from: Sudan

    Gathoth Gach

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    Re: Breaking News: "More terrorist cells found in Sudan"

    Post  Gathoth Gach on Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:54 pm

    Oh-Oh this 's too bad, Mr Dobuol i know that's not easy for southernes, to have those kind of terrism in our beautyfull land of South Sudan,that's why we been target by American people, if you want to go to Unitedstate, they give you more checking than others because of that case.One against i would like to encourage us to ask God to protect us agants those criminal thing because we are in western world and they don't want to hear that as we all know.Thanks Dobuol for that news God bless you.Looked that why mr kuol manyang been in fire and so worried like that his this guy Murle or what? but you never knows brothers may be, the reason why i say that is this,Lou nuer people been killed four years now and nobody take action like that why?late murle face what they done since in 2005 untill now late them pay back.Welcome back Mana long time no see sister i like your words.

    Thanks you all and God bless each one of you

    Gathoth Looka



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    Re: Breaking News: "More terrorist cells found in Sudan"

    Post  Dnhial on Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:00 pm

    you know guys, our country sudan is going back to miserable time it used to be. but the good thing is that SPLM/SPLA is associating with Western world right now. Sudan is the richest country in Africa right now due to the CPA we had signed and the oil revenue. Many countries around the world especially Asian countries are investing in Sudan because of our boom economy. Due to ICC arrest warrant on our president Omer Ased Amed al Bashir, those countries whicn have investment in sudan fear that Bashir is going to fight with world court till his last breath and that can ruin their fortunes. secondly, Western world do not like Bashir before Darfur genocide because of his strong relationship with Osama Bin Laden, communist countries such as Russia and China, and rest of American hatred countries and organizations.You know what I think guys, our country is going back to chaos sooner or later.you heard what happened when Bashir cabinet went on strike to denounce arrest warrant publicly in Capital Khartoum. Salva Kir did not show up on strike and every member of Bashir's administration was there. only Lam Akol went with Bashir from SPLM party. Salva kir was in Khartoum and he refused to talk against western world decision on arrest warrant publicly because he has a deal with America.Bashir got mad and he is going to do some conspiracy against south sudanese before he goes to jail and that may be the out break of war before 2011 election. you know, America accused Saddam Heissen for mass destruction weapons which he did have after the Americans occupation of Iraq. they accused him only because he support Osama Bin Laden and he suport terrorists financially. I think there is no many terrorists in Sudan right now but Bashir support them. this is our president his turn to get the consequences of supporting terrorist and being Americans hatred. Bashir is a blood thirsty man who kill anyone who oppose him even his own Arab tribe who dislike him to keep his leadership stable. He got in power with miliray coup and he will be get out of power with miliray action too. I like what Salva Kir did to oppose demonstration againts ICC. this the time for black man not to be slave of anybody no more. Black man is a president of powerful country in the world which is America and it is a time for black man to secure his own life in Sudan without the dictatorship of Arabs.let pray that God may help ICC to take this murderer to be put behind bar. the Bible said " those who killed people with sword will be perish with sword" which mean if you kill people because you are powerful than them so that someone who is powerful than you will kill you the same way.

    Duol Tot Nhial, Edmonton Alberta

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    Re: Breaking News: "More terrorist cells found in Sudan"

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